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10 escorts secrets every man needs to know

It’s good for men to know how to behave in front of their escort

Men, be it anywhere, seem to think that they know everything about women. But that's not the case still, there are many things in women that are a mystery, and they need to know it so that their date with the call girls goes on smoothly and in the most enriching manner.

Here we can help you with 10 secrets you must know about London escorts:

1. London escorts never tell their mouths what they want; you are to anticipate her feelings and do it exactly as she wants you to. She expects to be respected, and you must treat your lady with respect. The tone of your voice should always be friendly; there are two ways of saying the same thing. So it would be best if you did not use the commanding tone; instead, try using the more soothing tone and see the magic it creates in the entire atmosphere.

2. Every woman wants to be loved - Be the best lover you can to your lady luck. Women always like to be loved. Even if it's a no-strings-attached relationship with escorts, if you participate wholeheartedly in whatever you do with her, she'll also enjoy the process; otherwise, it'll be a mechanical thing, and the fun will be reduced to half.

3. Women like men who take their tantrums – Men who take the tantrums of women are quite liked by them, like one who listens to their non-stop banter without passing any comments or giving any opinion and only nods their heads in agreement, showing the feeling that they agree to every word coming out of the lady's mouth.

4. They crave compliments – Craving for compliments is like every woman's birth right. She craves to be complimented for her clothes, looks, make-up, hairdo, whatever possible you can think of connected to her beauty and external appearance, her figure, and the list can go on and on.

5. Ladies like well-dressed men – Ladies like well-dressed men, so even when you meet your escort girls, you should go after a shower and wear good ironed clothes. No lady likes shabbily dressed men; as it stands true for men, they also don't like women who don't have a great dressing sense.

6. Don't offer suggestions when not required – Most of the time, women don't need suggestions from you men. They want to be heard, and you should do exactly that, don't offer suggestions and offend them. Our call girls also don't offer advice to you when you don't need them; instead, they'll offer their shoulders to you to cry on so that you can pour your heart out to her. They know when and where to give suggestions if required.

7. Women like the gentleman in a man – If you pull the chair out for the lady before you sit in a restaurant, going on a dinner date will make the lady very happy. So you can do it, as you won't be losing anything doing it, instead, you'll create a lot of respect in the woman's mind, which is favourable to have a memorable time together. One of the things in this line of doing things is opening the car door for the lady; this would also make her very happy. Such small things make her happy, and it wouldn't cost you a million to do it for your escorts girls.

8. Act protective towards her – Act protective towards any lady around her; it would make her secure in your company, be it your spouse or escorts; after all, any woman behaves the same way in similar circumstances.

9. Get her gifts – London escort girls like gifts, and that goes without saying. Even if they have loads of jewellery or perfumes lying in their cupboards unused, they still crave gifts, and gifts give them uncanny happiness, which they won't be able to explain. So give them girly items like a pendant, perfume, etc. They'll be happy.

10. Women want to be cared for– Women like men who care for them, from the very word go, be it just listening to their never-ending stories, which shows them that you care for every word that comes out of their mouths. Whereas if they sense you are not listening to even one word, then your life will be difficult.

Escort girls are a mystery

So these are some tips we have tried to help you with. But of course, this is just a crash course; escort girls will still be a mystery to unveil, making them more appealing and wanted. Their tongue may not say a word, but their eyes can tell a thousand stories and needs, which you require to understand just with the wink of their eyes. If you can do that, you'll be able to achieve a lot in the bedroom, making your bedroom activity more romantic and full of passion. You must understand your lady with her body language and expressions; without her saying a word, you can be a winner.

Unveil the mystery in a woman and enjoy the magic

Women seem simple, but there is nothing more complicated than understanding a woman and her feelings. But whatever is said and done, a woman can lure a man towards her, and if she didn't exist, men would have been killed by boredom, and they wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything they do. So appreciate the woman in your company and try to make the most out of it by giving her incredible company. The companionship she offers in return will be something you'll remember for a lifetime to come. Don't waste another minute and think of how best you can have your next date with escort girls in London filled with full zeal and zest and how you can make the most of your time with her. Nothing can fail if the planning is exemplary and should be done well in advance. As you know in other things, advance thinking and planning can enhance the quality of the experience by two-folds and exactly that will happen in this case too. So to enjoy magic at its peak, ensure that you remove time out to plan your encounter.