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All you need to know about London Night life


London is well-known for its mad night life. This city has a lot to offer for those who are looking for crazy parties lasting until the morning, as well as for those who like more calm and relaxing atmosphere. And if you are ready to have fun 24/7 without a break, London can offer a variety of luxury «afterparties». The main thing is to know places. Don't forget that what makes London itself are people and the atmosphere they are creating. You can’t really describe it, so you should feel it yourself.

By the way, one of remarkable features of London is night buses which replace day buses in the period from 12 am to 5 am. So you don't have to worry about taking transport at any time.

If during your stay in London you want to find out about coming parties and to buy tickets, one of the best places is Cyber Dog shop around Camden Town. There you will also be able to find other products such as fancy clothes and accessories.

One of the most popular «night» districts in London is Brixton. It is based on the southern suburbs of London. In the 1940-50s Brixton has endured an emigration wave that explains extraordinary heterogeneity of local population. It gives the area a special look. On the other hand, Brixton is considered to be one of the most unsafe parts of London. So be careful. 

Anyway, the most popular night clubs of London are located here.

Mass, St Matthew Church - It is inside the former building of church, now it is restored and has capacity of 350 people. Music - house, hip-hop, R&B.

Fridge, 1 Townhall Parade Brixton Hill - It is located in the building of the former theatre. Music - live, techno, trance, house, gay evenings.

Dog Star, 389 Coldharbour Lane - It is pub but it also has a dancing zone on the first floor with performances of popular DJs and Indinan cuisine on the second floor.

Fabric, 77a Charterhouse Street - One of the most popular clubs with longest lines. Music - house, electron hip-hop. Famous DJs and new talents.

In the early morning in Brixton you can continue with an «afterparty» in the Fridge bar (from 6 am till 11am), which is near Fridge club (see above). And from 9 am to 6 pm is possible to visit the Fabric. 

Other world famous London district of entertainment, Soho, is located in the centre of London (Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Square metro station). The name Soho originates from hunting shout of «So-Ho». It has endured an emigration wave at 18-19 centuries, which explains his cosmopolitan character. This place is full of actors, artists, musicians and just great minds.

Usually Soho parties all night long. Movie theaters, restaurants, clubs and much more.  Some people, however, say that Soho is being under the threat of loosing identity because of the shops and businesses.

Fans of peep-shows should visit the region of Shoreditch (Old Street tube and Liverpool Street metro station). There are also some traditional bars such as the Rainbow Sports Bar on Shoreditch High Street (there is a girl dancing and collecting money in a mug every round goes), as well as more luxury place, such as Metropolis.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the region of Mayfair (Bond Street subway), which is known as the most expensive part of the city. Therefore, the public and the prices differ from, say, Brixton. If you are happy with that, for example, Funky Buddha on Berkeley Street is the perfect place, with VIP-sections, dance floors playing soul and R&B, and if lucky, some music and fashion celebrities dropped in for a glass at the bar. 

Good luck exploring all of the above mentioned places and finding new.