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Brazilian escort: secrets of beauty, features of character and behaviour

Brazil is a paradise with roasting sun, amazing beaches and carnivals known all over the world, and, most importantly, beautiful and vigorous women. The country’s mentality has found reflection in the modern outlook of natives. Here we will talk about the bright and cheerful Brazilians, and what makes them so beautiful and special.

Tremendous forms

Their distinctive feature – a magnificent figure with the perfect proportions. Brazilian escorts often characterized by a small breast and wide hips and also a slender waist. Brazilians are also famous for big and strong buttocks which become object of admiration.

They like to play sports, and gyms in Brazil are never empty. They like to bathe, and swimming is the most demanded sport. Jogs around the city enjoy popularity, and that, undoubtedly, too promotes maintenance of a body in shape. Sports occupations have great demand here, and even at stops for public transport there are exercise machines there where you can see people sweating and working out in order to achieve the results.

From an early age, girls begin taking care of their figure and improving on their shortcomings because of open clothes that are visible to everyone. Thanks to sports activities, a healthy lifestyle and the rejuvenating procedures even at the age of 50, the Brazilian escorts keeps a young look.

Distinctive features of appearance and attitude towards cosmetics

The distinctive features of their appearance can be summarised in the following: swarthy skin, not really long legs, massive breasts and butt, a strong constitution, but at the same time without tendency to corpulence. They are famous for a magnificent thick hair and good skin. Thanks to such features they manage to keep young and fit look for a longer period of time.

Brazilians are also positive to use of a make-up. For them, they cannot leave the house, without having used eye shadow and without having tinted lips. In other words, they are always well groomed and look after themselves. They also use all sorts of creams protecting from harmful effects of ultraviolet, but at the same time very much love the sun.

Character of Brazilians

They are distinguished by openness, good nature and optimism. They try to look positively at life and to be always in good mood. Female residents of hot Brazil are full of life, are sure of themselves and find joy in every day. They don't stint compliments and do them each other in all sincerity, thus creating the kind atmosphere. Smile is acknowledged as a means to present positive emotions. However, it is also important to note that Brazilian women are hot on temperament. They like all sorts of activities and entertainments as they are very sociable and cheerful.

Attitude towards plastic surgeries

In recent years a peculiar tendency is observed in Brazil: local girls often increase the size of their buttocks. People resort to it even a little more often than to the change of the breasts size. Local residents often address masters of plastic surgery even at the first signs of aging, but do it moderately. At the same time, for example, increasing size of lips doesn't enjoy popularity.

They don't hesitate to say that they have performed plastic surgery. Women aged often do liposuction and lifting of skin, but, of course, for preservation of youth it isn't enough. For maintenance of the appearance they are also engaged in physical exercises, and if necessary keep to a diet. In other words, there is a strong culture that is concentrated on looking at your best and constantly improving, which makes Brazilian women the most wanted around the world.

Body cult

As discussed, Brazilians carefully watch their appearance and always seek to be improved. They very much worry about their figure and are always in a pursuit of symmetry by many efforts and means. As in this country there is a warm weather all the year round, the woman can't her body under clothes. Therefore they pay much attention to how they look. If there is an excess weight, then Brazilians go on a fruit and haricot diet. There is a cult of a body, and beauty is highly appreciated, which requires both money and effort. They also love open bathing suits, being almost naked. Not surprisingly, as bikinis on them look excellent.

What do they think of family life?

As a rule, it is accepted to have big families with 2 to 4 children. Parents impart to them the feeling of own importance and raise in love. Brazilians are very vigorous and hardworking, can combine professional and family life with ease, which also makes Brazilian woman the perfect wife. When children grow up and start the families, all of them equally try to be closer to parents. Women throughout life keep close relationship with children. Here is their difference, for example, from women of Europe to whom it is generally more important to build a career first and only then arrange private life.


Representatives of hot Brazil do stand out with their bright appearance and beautiful forms, but it distinguishes not only a gift of the nature, but also careful personal care. To all other, in this country there is a strong belief that the woman can be attractive even in case if she doesn't correspond to the world standards and regardless of age.

Having found out all the distinctive features of the beautiful Brazilian women, you may want to get acquainted with one and to see all by yourself. Thankfully, this can be done in the modern day. To arrange a passionate meeting without obligations, find the right Brazilian escort girl for you in our gallery. Here you can book an appointment with Brazilian escorts of all types and backgrounds, so do not miss out!