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Brunette or Blonde Escorts: Which Will You Choose?

The choice between brunette and blonde escorts is an issue that has been going on for a long time. Different gentlemen give their different preferences and opinions about the girls that they want to date. Some of them say that blondes are more fun, but others choose brunettes because they give better performance in bed.

Some people say that a greater number of gentlemen prefer blondes; perhaps these are the men who love to show off their girls when out in the town. These girls have the standard for beauty, turning heads wherever they go, so they are always in demand by the media and modeling agencies. However, results of studies that have been made confirm that brunettes are more attractive, more intelligent, and greater companions to chat up with.

A blonde escort is easy to locate; there are a lot of these girls around the city. Some of them are naturally blonde, some have bleached hair and they are greater in number. The brunettes are perceived in a different light and these perceptions, usually are stereotypes. Here at London Escorts-VIP, all our escorts are fun to be with. Each girl, regardless of whether she is a blonde or a brunette, really has the ability to get the party started.

A woman’s hair color cannot dictate her behavior and personality or her skills in entertaining her client. Why, because the hair can be colored with the shade that you like. You can have it red or blonde or brunette and the image that the hair color that gives them is only because of the stereotypes that are being imposed by the media.

If you are looking for a lady to give you company to a particular event, always remember that any girl that you choose will surely possess all the qualities that you have been looking for. If you want a blonde, it’s okay; if you want a brunette, no problem and also if you choose a redhead. What’s more important is that any girl from our company can make you extremely happy; because they will do anything to help you live out all your fantasies.