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Escort Services Are a Legitimate Business

You might be in London and would like to book a companion or you might be a female, who would like to join an adult entertainment agency; you might also be someone who would like to set up a companionship agency. However, you worry about the legality of these services in the UK and the last thing that you want is to have an issue with the law enforcement.

Well whatever you may intend to do with regards to the above services, knowing that it is completely a legitimate business should give you peace of mind. This is especially true if you are thinking about opening a new agency in this line. You just have to know all the rules and follow them; and operate your business systematically and you will not fall on the radar of law. To be on the right track, it will be best to consult a law officer, so you can be provided with information about the legalities of starting an agency in London.

Unofficially, in this city, escorts are classified by some people as prostitutes. Officially though, they are legal workers that you can hire as a companion, a guide or even as a partner that you can be intimate with. These girls advertise themselves on the internet, with a hint of sex for money, but money should be paid indoors with only the client and the girl as witnesses. If money is exchanged outside followed by sex, this will be an ill-defined situation that does not conform to the existing laws.

You want to start an agency? That’s a good idea, even though this proposition is challenging, as the entertainment industry flourishes and continues to become profitable. Setting up an establishment of this type is easier today than it was ten or twenty years ago, and when you decide to put up a service provider agency, you need to work on it full time and not on a part time basis.

Technically, any person who wants to start a business like this can do so, but the people who becomes successful at this are the ones who have worked in the industry as an escort herself. Why, because they have more knowledge on how an agency is run, they understand the needs and wants of gentlemen clients and they would be the best persons to give advice to the women that they employ.

This is not to say that only ladies who are experienced in the industry can build their own escorting business. There are also others who have become successful, even if their background is not in escorting and many men have become successful too.

One other challenge in running a companionship business is recruiting the best women to work with. If you have worked as an entertainment provider for a long time, it means that you know some smart girls, who would be interested to join you in your venture as an agency owner. If you are taking in new women, ensure that you keep them well informed about the business.