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New Girls

Feadured Girls

From light to dark: what characters stand behind the hair color of our stunning escorts?

We all get a certain color of hair at birth, which depends on a variety of biological factors of men’s and women’s organism and even the place of residence. It was always considered that there are specific traits of character that are inherent to a person with a certain hair color. Recently scientists have also began to actively incline to the thought that the hair color and character are densely interconnected.

For these reasons why it is good for men to know these facts to be able to know what to expect from a women beforehand. But how do you determine the character by hair color? Today we will find this out together with the help of our stunning escorts who were happy to share their thoughts and views to help gentlemen in their future relationships.

There is even a widely used psychological technique according to which the person that is dissatisfied with his own temper or destiny can change them, having changed hair color. What is more, every second patient who has agreed to this experiment began to notice distinct changes in their own character and the manner of behaviour. Therefore, when deciding to cardinally changing image or choosing an escort to spend a night with, it is worth thinking of the features will be gained together with the tone of hair.

On the dark side

It is considered that owners of dark hair possess a large supply of the rigidity sometimes turning into frank cruelty and callousness. Besides, they are known to be very prudent and pragmatic and most of our escorts have agreed on this view. However, on the other hand it is color associated with passion and also authoritativeness and strength of mind, which is a very juicy combination for the woman that attracts a great audience of men. Strong people are very attractive and therefore men seldom remain indifferent to dark-haired beauties. At the same time, melancholy and excessive self-criticism, desire to always be the best and other difficult traits pursue them very often, which can only be seen in an intimate circle of people.


The people possessing dark hair have a natural gift of organising, the developed intuition, the will to win, analytical mentality and ability to direct people. Therefore the brunettes choosing any career are often very successful, whether it is a career in chemistry or the escort industry. Correspondingly, an interesting fact: 70% of wives of very rich people whose state is more than one billion - are brunettes.

In love such women are impatient, exacting, and sometimes are even simply dangerous, as they don't take a contradiction, however very much appreciate reliability and stability in a relationship. Most of all they are known to suit men with a fair or nut-brown hair, and the brunette life, most often, turns into eternal passionate opposition.

On the light side

So many myths are connected with light hair color as no other. In general they are known for their tenderness and softness of character, keenness, complaisance and vulnerability. Sometimes they are considered more available however also more in demand due to them often looking as female dolls with porcelain skin, naive eyes and lack of serious thoughts. However, as our escorts warn us, what is important to know for all men is that in most cases, it is only carefully built image by means of which it is so easy to influence such clever and strong men. In manipulation art, to blondes being equal in a relationship is practically not possible, as they take the weaker side and men prefer to just enjoy their presence more rather than rely their important everyday duties.

The girl with a light hair color

With fairy tales and legends everything is clear, the blonde is always the queen and the beauty, but now we’ll talk about true character of "gentle" blondes. Blondes are very capable to training, especially well they are given natural sciences and mathematics, besides, they differ in ability to understand people intuitively and even when having disagreements, continuing to smile friendly. Most of the men are deceived by the standard of stereotypes, and later with surprise find something more complicated than just a beautiful, gentle doll.

At the same time, fair-haired women differ in the high creative potential, softness and femininity of behaviour, ability to prove to belong in society. Being much cleverer than they are considered to be, they with ease gain people, and attract men with deceptive ease of the relations and the seeming availability.

Fair-haired – color of trust and family heat

Light-haired women differ in having a quiet sensible temper, which makes it always possible to rely on them, besides, they are very tolerant to people around. From such girls the best mothers and wives turn out for the obvious reasons, they are beautiful interlocutors, and moreover, devoted and reliable friends. Their calling is to care for others therefore often girls prefer professions of the doctor, the psychologist or the teacher and are highly likely to achieve success. Another feature of such ladies, which may not be up to liking of some gentlemen, is the love of a strict order, which may sometimes be overwhelming, as any disorder in the house can thoroughly spoil her mood. Additionally, they very painfully react to negative statements in their address if you decide to share your dissatisfaction regarding some problem. However, another significant advantage is that they prefer to make important decisions independently, without taking out the pressure they are going through on the partner and the outside world.

Owners of a slightly darker, chestnut-colored hair are sometimes known to be quite cunning, are able to manipulate people very well, as well as are inclined to be very ambitious and eloquent. From them great politicians and actors often turn out.

Chocolate color hair and its implications

Owners of a nut-brown hair are quiet and stress-resistant, very pleasant in communication and are many-sided, making them an unsolvable puzzle that may take all life without a solution at the end, no matter how close they can be with you. They are very sociable and open, seldom lie and aren't inclined to encourage slyness at others, are hardworking and responsible, making it a great choice for the gentlemen that are looking for the type of escort to be accompanied by to an important business meeting. At the same time, brown-haired women are constantly in the search of something new, interesting and adventurous, as a rule, they love and know how to cook, adore traveling and are great companions for a holiday trip abroad. New tasks and commitments are taken on with passion, as well as to the new relations, having found something special, they forget about the rest of the world. This special quality is known to make them successful both in career, and in private, family life.

Women, whose hair by nature have a chocolate shade, can look very attractively as you can confirm yourself after having looked at some profiles on our website, nevertheless quite often put appearance on the second place, and even the third place after intellectual and sincere qualities that, however, doesn't prevent them to remain very attractive for men.

The girl with a nut-brown hair

Fire color hair

Girls and women with the hair reminding of the substantiated flame are the ones that are always in the center of attention. In due time many red-haired have suffered from hands of church as they were often considered to be witches, helpers of a devil. Anyway, if to determine character by hair color, the brightest proof in favor of validity of such comparisons and observations, are red-haired ladies. They are the most passionate and unpredictable, which completely reflects their explosive essence. This is consistent with the feedback of gentlemen that have been spending time with our stunning fire color haired escorts that have certainly left the customers with some unforgettable memories.

The red hair color has always been connected with witchcraft, so with cunning, resourcefulness, force and charisma but have not always been known for good feeling of humour. Even little girls with such hair color differ in aspiration to leadership, and their jokes that wholly only they get, only strengthen and perfect the hardness of their character and increase their already huge energy resources. However, our escorts warn that there is one important aspect to remember – do not ever try to do anything bad, as they will come back for revenge.

Red-haired girl

In the sexual plan you will not find a better partner, as they are the most inventive, insatiable and playful and can easily change the partner. Own desires for them are always on the first place therefore they often prefer to act alone, without submitting to opinion of the majority. The inability to compromise solutions is what often prevents them from being happy in family life, as it puts some men off, after failing with trying to gain the authority.

The most suitable professions for red-haired are those that are connected with creativity in any its manifestation. They don't think of stereotypes, don't take out pressure and don't recognize authorities and also in every way try to stand out from the crowd, adore bright and scandalous acts – a special combination that makes them so interesting to spend time with. Men find them extremely attractive and hot, and the unpredictability element only triggers their curiosity. But this is something everyone has to try themselves, so don’t wait and have a look at what our gallery has got to offer you tonight!

Having learned to determine character by hair color, it is possible to learn a lot of interesting features about the person. This can also help your be able to make better choices when selecting an escort that needs to meet your specific requirements in regards to personal character. Even if the woman dyes hair, the shade chosen by her speaks about desire to receive these or those qualities, to change the destiny, to draw attention. The brighter and more unexpected the color is the more this attention is required by her, which is up to you each of your men’s specific taste, whether to enjoy or avoid.