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New Girls

Feadured Girls

Golden rules of the first date with high class escort

The date is a good opportunity to go out in the public, to eat well and – most importantly - to have good time, if all ends well. To make this happen, follow these simple rules.

When to call?

«The rule of four hours» says to us that prior the specified time of the date it is necessary to call the partner and to ask whether her plans for this evening have changed. If plans have changed, you obtain the necessary information as to why the date needs to be cancelled. If no - it will be pleasant to her that you worried about her plans once again.

Where to have dinner?

If possible, choose the place for a dinner closer to her house - so that then you can go for a walk with her afterwards. Everything, however, depends on what purpose you set to yourself for this evening - maybe you can do without dinner at all and go straight to the apartment.

How to dress for a date?

Psychologists proved: women are most attracted to blue colour. Urgently run and buy a blue shirt. By the way, the colour that attracts men is considered to be red - so if today she is in a fitting red dress, draw conclusions.

Compliments on a date 

Classic formula: say compliments but not too banal. There is no sense to praise her bottom for a thousand times. But, for example, to tell her that she understands eastern cuisine because she has ordered sea cuttlefishes in tikka sauce - gesture, worthy the real gentleman. Also, it is necessary to praise the dress of the partner too - she was preparing for a long time to look the way she does.

How to behave on a date?

So, how is it necessary to behave on a date? Ask her something. You can even outline in advance the list of questions that you would like to know once and for all. She answers you - you pretend that you listen to her carefully. It is better for you: the less you speak, the less chances you have to spoil everything. For example, tell her about your two former exes and it is over – this is the taboo subject for a conversation, which is why it is better mot to mention the previous relations at all.

Time to kiss 

If you consider that everything has passed successfully - your companion hasn't left in the first 15 minutes and hasn't kicked you, then now you have a moral right to kiss her in a cheek. Attention: the girl cannot answer a kiss! She is modest, timid and nervous. But if she doesn't kiss you on the second or third date - game is over.

Adult dating

If you are planning a date for a purpose other than building serious relationship, but instead to simply have fun and satisfy your intimate needs, you can have it. To find a companion for a long and pleasurable night, have a look at high class escorts page. What is more, there is a huge collection of the most stunning escorts from all over the world.