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How a 18-year old escort showed me the meaning of innocent passion

On a boring weekend, I really didn’t have much to do. The work seemed boring, and even some of the household chores felt annoying. I always had seen this girl on the escort site and always wondered if she would be someone for a quick night out. I just wanted some company, and for that alone, she looked like a million bucks. Considering my options were very boring or limited, I called the number and she agreed to come over. I quickly ordered a couple of pizzas and kept waiting, in hope of seeing a hot girl, who would be shy and timid. After all, she was just 18. 

When the door bell rang, I was stunned to see the girl in a red velvet coat, and she looked ravishing by all means. Before I could even start, she took off her coat, and there she was, wearing a short black dress, and I could even peep inside. I was quite floored from the first glance, but I really wanted her to get comfortable. She asked for some wine, and we drank a couple of glasses. Long before I could say anything, her hand was already unzipping the buttons of my denims. I felt strong and charged, and I just couldn’t stop thinking of her next moves. For the next one hour, she was all over me, kissing me passionately and licking off with her soft tongue, wherever I wanted. 

Once we were tired, I just asked her if she had more time and we could go for a night out. She agreed in a second, and I asked for a cab. Even in the cab, she wouldn’t stop looking at my face. What's even more interesting is the fact that she didn’t want me to do anything. Even before I could even make the signs, she just kept holding my hands in the cab. On a Saturday night, I don’t expect the night club to be free of action, but she took to the dance floor right away. We kissed, and as I was about to sit down, she came up with a drink. I don’t really remember the last time when a girl felt this interesting. 

I was about to think the night was over and asked her to drop me home. However, she insisted on coming to the bedroom for taking her coat. As I opened the door, she kind of pushed me right side the bedroom and what followed was a long session of soft touches and presses. She wouldn’t let me stop, and I just was too carried away by the way she started to make those moves. Honestly, I don’t remember this kind of obsession I had with an escort. Before she was about to leave, I asked her if she expected more. That shy face of hers will probably stay with me for life, because I hadn’t seen something as cute as that. I gave her an extra hundred pounds, just to ensure that she didn’t feel missed out. 

Even now, I call her sometimes, and when she is busy, she messages me at the earliest. For most weekends, I don’t feel bored, and more than just the sex, I really enjoy her company and the kind of smaller gestures that really defines her innocence.