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How Much Do Escorts Cost?

London is a big city; in fact, it is the largest city in the UK. Thousands of businessmen and tourists are coming here everyday, adding to the number of residents and London has many things to offer to its citizens and visitors alike.  There are many possibilities in nearly all the fields, particularly in the employment sector.  More and more cinemas, restaurants and hotels are being established and even the escort agencies that are now gaining a lot of attention.

Truly, there are lots of agencies in London, so it is important that you make an intelligent choice. Your selection may depend on a lot of factors, such as the type of service that you need and what you want to achieve in your date. There are some methods by which agencies advertise their businesses, but these days, the internet could be the easiest and most convenient tool in your search. It can introduce you to dozens of agencies with lots of beautiful girls all offering the best services.  

You might be asking, “How much do girls cost?” which may not be too easy to answer.  You can find their individual rates on the girls’ profiles.  It says there, how much they charge for an hour of in-call or outcall appointment. The rates also depend on the type of service that they can provide.

Some cheap charge as little as 100 pounds or less for an hour of in-call.  Rates of other companions, such as the VIP, elite, luxury or exclusive companions can be as high as 500 pounds per hour or more. For overnight bookings, you may have to pay more.  However, some agencies offer special rates when you book overnight.

Always remember that hiring girls is just like other things:  you get what you pay for.  So consider your budget. If the lady you clicked on is one of the agency’s luxury models that charges 600 pounds per hour and may be no where within your budget, don’t try to negotiate her price. You can find girls with lower rates, those that are in the range of GBP150, GBP200 and GBP250 per hour. 

When arranging a date with your ideal lady, discuss your plans and intentions discreetly.  Once you have chosen a woman to spend your time with, ensure that you already have an idea of the things that will transpire during your night together and don’t worry when you discuss the details of your date over the phone, even the girl’s rate as these people are very discreet and will protect your privacy.  What you have requested and what the girl has agreed to will be your little secret and no one will ever know or interfere in it.