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Feadured Girls

How to attract the escort girl you like?

For those that avoid taking the short route and addressing to escorts of all kind, it is way more difficult to find someone and it takes effort to attract a girl. The mutual sympathy between boys and girls not always arises at first sight. Quite often happens so that the guy falls in love with someone, admires her from a distance, dreams of a day when they will be together but can’t understand how to attract the girl so she would pay attention to him.

If you have got into a similar situation or you experience other difficulties with attraction of female attention, then some of these tips might be useful to you. It is simple and very easy to do.

5 useful tips to attract a girl

In a fight for a female attention it isn't necessary to do anything particularly complex. Just become the attractive, gallant successful and self-assured guy. For such men the queue of wishing girls is always busy. Some recommendations are:

*Learn to joke - girls love guys with good sense of humor.

*Achievements or other advantages over fellows, such as appearance, status, profession, prospects, talents, financial position, manners, mind, education, etc. Everyone has a strong side, it is good to know how to use it in a conversation.

*Don’t be afraid to show interest in the girl - it will be at least pleasant to her that you have distinguished her from other young ladies.

*Identify general things that unites you with this girl, like tastes, interest, a profession, hobby, friends, etc. - it will help to create an impression that you are soulmates and help avoid awkward pauses and lack of things to talk about.

*If you managed to draw attention of the girl, try to keep it, otherwise she will quickly cool down.

It easier to draw attention of with a good appearance

Not everyone is lucky to be born with Brad Pitt’s look. But the fact that the nature hasn't awarded you with a beautiful face, high growth, a sexy body – is not yet an occasion to lower hands and to be demotivated with it. It is possible and very necessary to work on appearance. Nice well-groomed guy has more chances to attract the girl than someone doesn’t look after himself at all.

What should you not be to attract the one?

The type of guys that draws the worst attention of girls is an awful one, from which it is better to keep a good distance. Perhaps it is necessary to change in a good way first so that young ladies don’t deprive you of the attention? If you want to attract women, then shouldn't be:

*Swear like a sailor

Guys that swear come across as trying to look more courageously or cool? In fact, it can only offend the opposite sex and should be avoided, especially when approaching someone you like or asking the girl out on a date.


Is you are saying «I am not ready, I just don't earn enough» - earn more. Ladies have no interest in why you could not organize her a normal date (infinite walks in the park are pardonable only for absolutely young gentlemen-school students).

*Cruel and rough

Often guys confuse brutalism and a good demonstration of force with roughness and cruelty and then are surprised why it isn't possible to attract the girl they like. In this case the solution is to work with your appearance.


Human world lives under the law – week dies forst, whether you like it or not. When looking for a partner, most woman looks for a strong defender but not a weak person that doesn’t look like he is able to take care of her.


There is an advantage of education and self-development. Stupid, confused and narrow guys are not attractive to women. It is good to at least show interest in different topics and put effort to learn new things.