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New Girls

Feadured Girls

How to win over the woman you like?

Before we discuss how to win over the women you like, we will talk about what it takes in general to achieve success in any relationship, which is - sensibleness and honesty. If you do not know accurately what you want then what you get is also unknown, or often just nothing. Therefore, before considering any relationship, it it is necessary to collect thoughts together first and determine exactly what is necessary for you. For example, are you looking for just some flirtation and one-night stand, a constant partner to share your free time with or something even bigger - marriage? It is extremely important to accept and realise your desires, as this way the your will find confidence and concertation, as a result your objectives will be achieved much easier. On the other hand, pursuing unclear and false, not conscious targets only leads to a feeling of discomfort and discontent. As a result, trying to win over the women you like will end with a failure.

Everything is possible

Something is impossible only when the person inadequately perceives reality. In reality, everything is exactly the opposite and all the obstacles are only in your head.

Each woman is unique in terms of her desires, dreams, education, life experience and many other parameters that determine her actions and behaviour. Although there are some common techniques for seduction of women that are universally recognised, each individual women has her own preferences in everything. Therefore you should not forget about identity, try to understand what she expects from the man.

General recommendations for men

It is important to remember that the normal type of women without deviations in mentality and behaviour love similar things in men that are universally accepted. These include:

* self-assured (whiners and in confident attract only the mommy type women);
* clever (this implies the ability to be flexible, analysing the actions and mistakes);
* sense of humour (there does not need to be a lot of it, but some jokes must happen to brighten up the day);
* well-groomed (takes care of hygiene, hairstyle, clothes, perfume);
* moderately tender.

In reality, in 95% of cases it is possible to win practically any woman with the right approach and confidence - the married, or in relations, lonely, young, or the most "steel lady of average years", therefore you need to forget about the any doubts. You do not need the remaining 5%, as this type of women will never appreciate your efforts and will never be yours no matter what you do.

If you tried all existing methods and approaches for seduction and attraction, but all your creativity has hit against polite or not really refusal – do not convince yourself with illusions and know when to back away. If nothing turns out, all you need to do is with clear conscience switch your attention to someone else, as there are plenty more women around.

 Be confident in success and follow these steps

Don’t forget that in order to win over the woman you like, it is always important to study her first. Try to meet her more often, learn her preferences, desires, how she approaches her life. This knowledge is important, as it will help to build bridges of mutual hobbies, add many more new subjects for a passionate conversation.

Another important aspect is choosing a behaviour model that is right for the situation. Some lady wants romanticism and long process of dating (flowers, visits to cinemas and theatre, moonlight walks and so on), and others complete opposite. Preferences are formed at an early age, which form the character, along with the behaviour models adopted from parents. Therefore, be conscious of the fact that all women are different and therefore require a unique approach.

How to win over the the woman of your dream

As mentioned before, there are no barriers to achieving you dream. All you need to remember here is to set realistic targets regarding the different parameters that you look for in a girl. For example, if you are a terrible person who is clearly out of shape and has no confidence to improve, then surely you should not expect a top model who has a completely different perception of her own personal beauty and care. In 20s young women look for princes, paying attention to appearance more, however when the age comes to 30, women begin to also look reliability, therefore it is often a better option to choose the more mature women.

No matter how unrealistic your dream may seem the lady can always be bribed with the following:

* persistence;
* intimate abilities;
* confidence and charisma;
* social skills.