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Feadured Girls

Interview with the girl from escort agency

Aurora, a 20-year old model and ‘girlfriend experience’ escort in London, was an instant attraction. As a journo, I was quite impressed with her pictures, but what excited me more was her amazing confidence in every single image. As we decided on this interview, I wanted her to be honest and very open about her choices and profession, and she has stunned me with her honest answers. Aurora already enjoys a great client base in London, and most of her clients don’t mind coming back to her time and again. In a candid interview, she spills the beans with her words and eyes. 

Interviewer: How did this profession pan out?

Aurora: I was just 16 when I wanted to become a model. I always had a great body, so my initial assignments came pretty easy. I worked with many brands, before I decided to join this profession. More than the money, I think it is the sexual freedom that excites me the most. I know people might have their opinions, but I stick to mine. Over the last two years, I have worked on my own terms, and my clients love me because it is always honest and genuine engaging conversation and action. 

Interviewer: Does your family approve of this? 

Aurora: I believe that parents don’t have to know it all. Do you talk of your sex escapades with everyone? No! No one does that. However, I didn’t talk to my family about this a year back. They might not be very okay with it, but they never asked questions. I maintain my dignity back home, and my siblings love that. In fact, if I am not working, you will see me as the most normal girl ever. We never had a family dinner conversation about this. That’s for sure. 

Interviewer: How was the first experience?

Aurora: I have been working with the best agency in London as you can guess, and they made sure that I am always comfortable with what I do. I met my first client at my service apartment. He was a 30-year old man, probably had a recent breakup and just wanted to open up. We drank like crazy that evening, and he tried to be really gentle with me. To be fair, I think my first experience as an escort was more romantic than I had imagined. We still meet up sometimes, especially when he is going out of London on business. 

Interviewer: How do you deal with varied clients? Is there a sense of confusion or nervousness? 

Aurora: I don’t get intimidated anymore. Of course I would be lying if I say that it wasn’t confusing initially. I know that a lot of men are just into sex and hard core banging, but I think I can handle them now. My idea is to be treated with respect, irrespective of one’s profession. My agency ensures that I don’t have to deal with filthy men, which is kind of great to be honest. 

Interviewer: Do you enjoy GFE?

Aurora: Girlfriend isn’t just about playing around. There is a lot of emotions and intimacy involved, and most escorts would agree to that. Love is a rare emotion I would agree, but there are men who crave for it, even if it is for a short period. For men, it is much more enjoyable and allows one to explore varied sides of his or personality, which can be rewarding and confusing at the same time. I like to ask my clients about what they like and enjoy, and I just take and follow their cues. GFE is all about passion, and over these two years, I know how to ignite the same. 

Interviewer: Are there things that bother you? To put it better, what are flip aspects?

Aurora: You have to fake it all, but there are times when you would want to open up. In short, as escorts, we aren’t allowed to discuss our life, our problems and confusions, which can get to the nerves. My clients talk about their failed business attempts, uninteresting wives, unwanted lives, and even boring tales, while I have to put the best possible smile all the time. It is a weird world, where you can have emotions, but can never show them. 

Interviewer: What kind of advice you would give to new escorts?

Aurora: I think it is essential to have a button to switch off your personal feelings. This is a job, where you have to please others, and it doesn’t always have to be a bed of roses. It is essential to detach from all the emotional stuff, and if you are new to this business, you have to get comfortable with strangers. It is also important to analyze people, understand their needs and expectations, because only then you can work to fulfill them. Most of my clients are men who have had unfruitful and sad experiences in life, and to make them happy, I have to feel for them, even if it is at a mental level. 

Interviewer: What are the best aspects of this profession?

Aurora: I am glad you asked that question. Most people would think of this profession to be complicated and depressing, but it isn’t. I see this as a liberating experience for a woman. One can meet the most unique men and still have a conversation. There is a sense of thrill and excitement and it kind of empowers you in many ways. For example, I can realize a man’s true feelings within first 20 minutes. It is that easy for me. Also, as a woman, I think it is very brave of me to do something that I don’t regret. If men can use their body and muscles to make money, I don’t think there is anything wrong with women. This job might not seem like a perfect one, but it gives me the freedom to make my choices. 

Interviewer: How frequently do your clients return to you?

Aurora: Honestly, I have been very lucky. Escorts meet their clients for a few hours, and often, that’s the end of the day. A number of my clients have always chosen to come back. I don’t think it is just my body that excites them. There are many pretty faces with this business, and any man can seek for the women they like. However, I share a very personal bond with a number of clients. Some often come for just a couple of drinks, while others want to get in the bed right away. Both ways, this has been fascinating to know that these men crave for you. Typically, I would say every 3 out of 5 men have been regular to my job. 

Interviewer: Do you work all through the month?

Aurora: Yes, mostly. I am studying and go to college, so I make sure that my agency knows of my timings and preferences. There are days when I know my vulnerability, and that’s a good time to avoid men. Usually, I don’t say no to my regular clients, depending on other bookings and priorities. 

Interviewer: How long do you wish to work?

Aurora: I never wanted to know that. I think we all have our precedence and special needs, and when I am done exploring money and sexuality, there will be a day when I would quit. Of course, this doesn’t have to happen at a certain time or after a few years. I feel that would happen on a sudden day. 

Interviewer: Are you picky with the clients you meet?

Aurora: As an escort, I have always followed my thoughts and ideas, and my agency has always respected the same. Yes, I do get the option to say no, and I use it when I want. At the end of the day, this is just a job, and I have to play by the rules. Some clients are often too good to be true. They pamper me and want to enjoy things in a mutual way. Then I meet clients who just want sex, which again is okay with me. I am not picky, but I don’t like to see clients who treat me like a chunk of flesh. 

Interviewer: Finally, how do you think this profession has changed your perceptions about relationships?

Aurora: It hasn’t changed anything at all, except that I can see and feel hollow relationships. I don’t think women are allowed to explore their sexual feelings and sides as men, so that way, this is kind of a disguised pro. I still believe in love, in goodness of relationships and right things can change someone as a person. There isn’t much to analyze. My job is to please men in the way they like, and I am just doing that. Everything in between doesn’t really matter. Baring the soul and baring the body are two different things, and I usually don’t bare anything inside me. However, you should meet a couple of my clients to know how I have always made them feel cozy, naughty and sexy at the same time.