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Feadured Girls

Making the Most of Your Escorts Experience

Spending time with a beautiful female companion is the best way to get entertained, regardless of whether you are a resident or a visitor in a city. These companions are called escorts and you pay them in exchange for their time with you. Because you are spending for their companionship, you therefore would want to enjoy their services and get your money’s worth.

Of course, you can have the best experience when you date an entertainment service provider, however, it is not only the girl who should work for it, but you should also do your part. When you call to set up an appointment, do not mention anything about sex. Remember that these girls do not sell sex and they do not want to talk about it on the phone, by email and even face-to-face. There’s always the right way of discussing their services. In addition, when sex happens during your meeting, it is a matter that is agreed upon by the two of you.

Be punctual; do not come too early as to rush the girl or too late as to make her wait. Make sure that your body is clean and not smelly, your breath is fresh and that you are not drunk or drugged. Never use drugs in her presence, unless the activity has been mutually agreed upon.

Do not videotape or take pictures of the girl or your encounter, without the lady’s permission. This is not appropriate and your camera will run the risk of being thrown out of the window or confiscated.
The most important tip that could help you make an unforgettable experience is treating your girl with respect. Paying for her time does not give you the right to treat her badly. Give her the respect that you would want others to give to you and you will surely have the best service, with lots of passion and fun.