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Mummy girl, cheat for revenge, calculator and more types of escort girls to avoid

In this article you will learn something that will be very helpful in the future. As it is important for each gentlemen who to share life with, today we will advise what types of escort girls need to be avoided, for those of men that are not experienced yet and do not want to make mistakes that the more mature have learnt to avoid.

In this article we will consider the following types:

Mummy girl
Ugly revenge girl

1. Mummy girl

Getting stuck in a relationship with such girl is a very tragic situation; it is the real drama with which it is rather difficult to cope. The «mummy girls» does not need a self-sufficient men who can look after himself and others, in general she does not need a man at all. Ideally she needs an object of excessive care: an alcoholic, addict and parasite.

This type of women repeats the same mistakes for their whole life. Even if she leaves an unfortunate male thanks to a lucky combination of circumstances, she will surely find a new partner who will be exactly identical to the former one in terms of the amount of care she will be putting in.


She is always unhappy, often crushed and unsuccessful; he is forever young, eternally drunk and happy being where he is because the «mummy girl» is not wise enough to put her partner on the right track and allow him to take on responsibility. The worst thing is that the man near such woman does not wish to change anything simply because for him everything’s is good, warm and cosy. However, at the end of the day, each party receives what they want: «mummy» - sad and unhappy life, man – a free carer. It is not possible to break the cycle until the women understands that her life does not belong to her long ago.

2. Calculator 

The women that are playing this game will always accurately know what they want and how many, and the partner is the one who is demanded to provide. The identity of the man interests such women only in a currency equivalent. Acquaintances that start from certain phrases allow you to detect the “calculator”, for example: «What is your job and where do you work? What car do you have? What kind of apartment do you have?» Her charm and charisma are easily multiplied, divided, summarised and estimated in a price.

In principle, what often happens is that it gets so far that the man can talk frank nonsense and tell obscene jokes, however after sharing that you are CEO, your «shares» will not fall, no matter what you do or say. This is one of the worst types of girls, and in this case there is no doubt that any escort should have the same or much more respect than the «calculator» because both of them are doing the same: selling time for money, however the second does so in a more honest way.


Very often the psychological problem of this type of women begins with money, which they got used to only count, therefore they appear absolutely incapable of appreciating human advantages and personal qualities of men. Because family life is a concept much wider and deeper than the figure on the bank account, all men avoid this type of women. Often calculators remain alone as nobody wants to build serious relations with her and with age her «cost» in this conditional market, falls promptly.

3. Ugly revenge or cheat for revenge

When men cheat they do this with all their heart and body, whereas this type of escort - from revenge. Here the conversation does not touch nymphomaniacs who cannot live with one partner, even having successful and stable family, but about what seem the most normal family ladies who decide that sexual problems can be solved in a unique way - by finding a lover and enjoyably making her husband suffer.


Women that are torturing their husbands in such way want to cause his jealousy and get attention. But sad statistics shows that such act of unfaithfulness often leads to divorces and only in 2% of situations - to strengthening of the relations. Therefore, all they cause is complex conflicts, ruthless sense of guilt but not saving family. Perhaps, it is worth using other ways of revenge?

4. Dominant

Presently, for woman to be gentle and sensual became not so fashionable, and dominant women - strong, bright, self-sufficient appear more often. External data of such lady is usually also right on spot but inside the Queen there is a diffident, modest, indecisive personality that in reality does not want all the power in the world but in fact, just the ordinary female pleasures: a careful husband, few children and a beautiful house.


Creating the external impression of a rock-strong lady, she has few chances to draw attention of strong man wishing to start a serious relationship and a family. Most often they attract weak men, who are pursuing their own personal interests or need a dominant women to tell them what to do.