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My Passionate Rendezvous With Two Kinds Of Men In The World

When I started off as an escorts, I had to follow the rules, but there was one thing that realized pretty quick – You cannot fake emotions in this business. Till date, I don’t ever reveal the details of my clients, but the kind of men I meet usually are often of two categories. Some of the men are just great at conversations, and the others are great on the bed. As much as I try, I do feel that these men are often looking for some real things, and for me, that’s very important towards having a good time.

I am a girl who loves to enjoy the company of men, and it is important for me that my guy is having the same kind of excitement. Of course, some of these clients are extremely well known to the basic things expected from an escort, and they are strictly looking for that. Honestly, there hasn’t been a day when I had confusions about my job, as every experience is new and often very fresh. 

The first kind of men is always lonely. They need attention, love and unexpected smaller favors, filled with manly pleasures. Such men don’t really start on the bed. They often want me to take them in the crowd, and I don’t mind attending my favorite clubs and dance pubs with them. We talk, share a few things and I have heard stories that have often made me wonder about life. Back in the room, the touches and glances of such men are tender and soft, and that’s clearly an indication that they haven’t enjoyed time with a woman in a long time. I take that as a challenge and try to make them as comfortable, as possible, and these men don’t just fuck around, but they take it deep inside my heart, and I love that. 

The second type of men is all about sex and hard core action, and I find that equally tempting, as well. They don’t want to waste time in talks. Instead, I often have a couple of beers, and we get straight to business. I have been with such men in varied hotels of the city, and more often than not, they have some great fantasies. From playing roles to enjoying toys, these men are kind of high you want after a while. Of course, sober men are great, but being a little naughtier just goes a long way in keeping the excitement. 

I still wonder why some of these clients of mine keep coming back. One of my clients is a regular on every Wednesday. No matter where I am or with whom, I know his call will come that day. On every Wednesday, we kind of have a date that’s filled with desires, conversations, drinks, and of course, sex. I realized that I have found a liking for those evenings, because he just allows me to do so much more. I try new poses with him, and he is really fond of tantric way of making love, which gives me a kick. 

Do I hate anyone? No, not really! Even the men who are looking for some serious fucking are great, simply because they are keen on exploring aspects of their sexuality, and that’s something I don’t want to stop.