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My Weird Client Who Would not Talk

Passion can ignite a lot of flames, and if you are truly in the mood of exploring real sensuous times, you have to let go. Once I had a client, who refused to talk. It was kind of weird and unique at the same time, because he just said that his passion was to explore more than just my body. I really didn’t know what to seek or ask, as I couldn’t actually understand what he was expecting. I decided to take him to my apartment, where he started to get a tad roomier and insisted on some wine. He sat and finished four drinks, and as I invited him to the bed, he insisted on going for a walk. 

We walked along the way, and I tried to make as many advances as I could, but he tried to move away. That’s when he talked about he lost his girlfriend in an accident a year back and how lonely he felt. He kind of ended up liking my photo and called me up, just to have some great interaction. I asked him if he would want to talk to me directly about his pain, but he insisted on kissing me. Those passionate three minutes was enough to get him on, and he insisted that we go back to the apartment. 

After we reached, he started to undress me, but hardly could I see his face. He hands were shivering and he was totally out of control with all that wine. I asked him to relax and we shared a couple of glances, following which I pushed him on the bed. He wanted to be obsessive with his moves, and I could make that out by the sheer hard rubbing he was trying on me. We kissed for a while, before we rolled from one side of the bed to another. 

Finally, after an hour, we stopped, and he still didn’t say much. I asked him if he would want to have something, and he asked for some more wine. I almost forced him to my nearest pub, and we danced for a while, although he never really looked into my eyes. That’s when I decided that I want to show him a good time. He wanted to pay me right there, but I just took him to the back lane and kissed him as overpoweringly as I could. I still don’t know what ignited his senses, but he was just too happy. I realized that this was a man who probably wanted more than just a night full of sex. 

After a few minutes, he offered to drop me home, but I insisted on staying along for a while. Although he did pay me handsomely after we reached his home, I just couldn’t get him out of my mind. This is what that excites me about the entire concept of being an escort. We love men, and yet, we don’t always understand their feelings and emotions. Despite offering him all the rough and edgy ideas for a sexual night, we ended up coming close, getting real high and feeling genuine attraction for the first time. Till date, he keeps his Saturdays for me, and no matter whether I am busy or not, he wouldn’t miss calling me for a quick session of healing kisses.