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The Different Clients That Escorts Deal With

Escorts that have been in the entertainment business for quite a long time have seen and met with all sorts of gentlemen clients. These guys have different backgrounds, with many of them falling into the standard, conventional image of a client. There are exceptions of course, so these girls might have dealt with simple and ordinary clients, as well as unique ones. Following are some types of customers that service providers deal with.

* The Nice Guy

He might have been in a relationship and either broken up with his girl or just gone through a divorce. This type of guy is often the most considerate, most romantic and the sweetest that any girl can ever meet. He falls into the desirable client category, does not want to hire a hooker from street corners or someone that he meets at a pub or bar. He loves to interact with girls, who are intelligent and who love to be pleased.

* The Married Guy

This is the man, who cheats on his wife, so they can make the best clients. He is usually affectionate, loving and respectful to a partner. Many women love to make an encounter with this seemingly perfect client.

* The Guy with the Madonna-whore Complex

This type is overly demanding; and wants his call girl to act like a lowly, vulgar whore. His mind has been corrupted by the sinful values of society, so he treats service providers like dirt to the point of asking them to perform repulsively ugly and degrading sexual acts.

* The Assets Guy

By assets we mean the breasts and bottoms of an escort. This type of client is sometimes called the breast man because he loves women with large breasts, no matter if they are natural or fake. There is also a type that want only large natural breasts. Some of these clients want their penises wrapped in between the two. The assets guy may also worship the ass or buttocks of a girl.

The Fetish Guy

This is the type that loves unusual parts of a woman’s body such as feet or have unusual desires, such as submission or domination. Fetishes are not strange things to women, anymore, as they have began to accept that sexual desires can come in varieties.

* The Ideal Guy

This is the easy going guy, who respects the girls and their job. His dealings is strictly business. Sex with him is easy, not too demanding, very considerate. This type is very rare, because many clients demand more than sexual encounter.