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The English Women: What Makes Her Special?

There is an opinion that girls in England are not especially beautiful. However, this opinion is just a stereotype. In fact, for someone Russian or Ukrainian appearance is the most pleasant, whereas to someone – English, among which there is a lot of real beauties. If you need to be convinced, have a look at “The most beautiful Englishwomen” article, these ladies are truly stunning. However, beauty is accurately divided here, as it is considered that the higher the social class of the women, the more beautiful she is.

The high-class English women do not especially love a make-up, usually preferring a more natural appearance, without hiding anything, which many men prefer a lot more.

In terms of clothes, when comparing to women in many other countries, same as English men, English women first of all prefer comfort and convenience. They do not put on heels and a dress without a special occasion, only when they are invited to attend a festive evening, go to an elite English nightclub or to a restaurant. In other time it is most common to see them in comfortable jeans or trousers, jackets or shirts, and comfortable footwear with no hills. As a result, the choice of clothing consists of combination of classics and comfort, which also helps them adjust to the rainy climate.

As well as any women, English women love sales and always look forward them. Here an important role is also played by the English rationalism – why should I buy a branded expensive thing now, if on a sale it is going to be much cheaper? This is another feature that attracts many men that prefer a partner that puts thoughts into how she can cut her expenses.

In terms of their character, the English girls have a lot to offer. What attracts men the most is that they are quite confident, ambitious, and even self-sufficient in some aspects. They are always ready to pay for the bill on a date. In public, they have a friendly smile, which is thought since childhood. They are rather practical, especially in respect to everything that is related to household, so you can go on a business trip and be sure that everything is looked after a while you are away. They like to spend house time and to look after the garden. For these reasons, in general, quite good housewives turn out from Englishwomen.

However, do not hurry, as women in England usually do not rush to marry, they long and carefully look for the prince on a white horse. On average, they start a family at the age of thirty years, which is a lot older than the average of majority of countries in the world. Some would say, it is a little late for the birth of children, but with the expensive costs of living, it is necessary to become stable and be fully confident before making this step.

Another advantages is that she will never begin to express her emotions violently, there will be no scandals with broken glasses and leaving the house – one of the features of the English mentality. This attracts men that agree that it is better to have a healthier relationship, without shouting on each occasion.

Just one bad trend has recently been noticed – English women began to drink slightly more alcohol, then used to earlier. More and more often it is possible to see girls in the British pubs drinking on an equal basis with men.

The English women is not too emotional, but she is definitely sincerely loving, they are contradictory and mysterious, it is difficult to understand them, but it is worth it.