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What is the ideal man in the eyes of escort?

Male beauty differs from women’s. Men with appealing appearance are often called cute, handsome men, emphasizing a disapproving relation. Though it is pleasant to some. We will list those components of appearance of the man which influence an impression regardless of the level of the inside beauty of the person. 

The first thing that is perceived and paid most attention to in case of an acquaintance. Eyes are the mirror of the soul, so it is important that what is inside actually reflects the man you see in the mirror. The look shall be direct, open and sent to the interlocutor eyes with your nose slightly above it. The blinked look emphasizes your keenness, attention. The direct look already speaks about will and persistence, sometimes this is avoided. The running look is for a timid, not self-assured and frequently - deceiving person. Such look reduces male attractiveness to zero. 

The look of widely open eyes speaks about surprise, naivety or obsequiousness. In combination with the slightly opened mouth such look testifies to underdevelopment of mentality of the person or about his desire to seem sillier than he actually is. 

The articulation also speaks about much. Strong oblate lips – say about will, persistence. People with thin lips are considered angry, artful but also soft and kind. 

The attention to the person first of all is attracted by a smile on it. It shows you have friendly feelings to the other person. It also says that you have a good mood and you treat the interlocutor kindly. But proportion is important as the constant smile upon the face looks state and false or makes lightness impression.

In movements the temperament, character, the state of health, physical development, and strong-willed spirit reveal. Beautiful, coordinate, with a sufficient amplitude of movement speak about good physical development and it is important for the man. If there is a lack of dynamics in movements then people subconsciously have an assumption of defects of his physical development and poor health. Women are instinctively pulled to physically healthy men as the nature requires reproduction of the best heredity. Movements shall correspond to life situations.

In a common situation sharp, antsy movements are perceived negatively, people do not love changes, especially fast, unmotivated and unpredictable. In their subconsciousness it is postponed that such movements surely accompany violence, pursuit and danger. However, in situations when actions are required, vigorous movements are pleasant to people around. They speak about his readiness to protect and care for them. 

Each woman has the ideal picture of the man. All women want a real man. He has to be strong, reliable so it is always possible to rely on him and at the same time he should be gentle and kind. Most of women want that the partner in life was intelligent, clever and attentive. Existence of the true male character is the main demand to the partner in life for women of any age. Normally, women don't like the feminized men (this means existence in character and behavior of the lines inherent to a female, some felinity in appearance and habits, despite male external attribute).

Infantile men (i.e. the male boys who aren't corresponding to the age) don't cause sympathy too. Some large-size ladies however would hardly constrained themselves from the desire to squeeze such male boy in ardent embraces and to love to insanity. Or to take on arms and sing a lullaby. Or to adopt and sponsor. The classical union would turn out: wife mother and husband son. She would care for him, cherish, feed tasty, sing him praises and every minute repeat how pretty and beloved he is. 

There is also a category of male narcissuses who can’t pass by a mirror not to stop and to admire own reflection, taking different advantageous poses, correcting a tie or the beaten-put lock of hair from accurately laid hairstyle. These men are associated at many women with passive homosexuals and cause permanent rejection. 

Nervous, quick-tempered, irritable, weak-willed men don’t attract women too (there are, however, exceptions). 

Young girls still have certain preferences in appearance, for example, they like high, broad-shouldered, dark haired or slender blue-eyed blondes. Women who are more senior say that the appearance of future partner in life is not so important for them, the main thing that he was reliable. 

Even after a short conversation with a man woman remember much more details about the interlocutor than men - appearance, clothes, manners. During the conversation woman doesn't look away from the interlocutor and manages to take brisk part in a discussion.

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