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Feadured Girls


A sensational trip of Ibiza with an escort

 “I just don’t get why you turned the interpreter down,” Lionel said, waving away another bikini-clad Spanish girl. He hated himself for doing it. “You know that I don’t speak the language, and neither do you!” A group of three girls walked by them. Lionel smiled awkwardly at them, and they went away, giggling and muttering something that Lionel couldn’t understand. &...

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The best hotels in London

London is a thriving metropolis that has been in existence for at least two millennia. Being the capital city of a former world empire and also being centrally placed in Europe, it is a leading city in many aspects. Many of the world’s leading financial, entertainment, educational, health, arts, media and transportation businesses all have branches or headquarters here. It is also the home of a wide range of very attractive professional ...

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Interview with the girl from escort agency

Aurora, a 20-year old model and ‘girlfriend experience’ escort in London, was an instant attraction. As a journo, I was quite impressed with her pictures, but what excited me more was her amazing confidence in every single image. As we decided on this interview, I wanted her to be honest and very open about her choices and profession, and she has stunned me with her ho...

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Hotels and Outcall Service

London has a reputation of being one of the hippest capitals in Europe with trendy hotels and new landmarks as well as clubs and restaurants opening up. The city’s hotel scene is expanding with latest openings that include stylish B&B accommodation and boutique hotels in the beautiful neighborhoods of Chelsea and Notting Hill and more centrally in Mayfair and Bloomsbury. Filled...

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Pokemon Go is Famous Among Escort Girls

Pokemon Go is a viral game that everybody is talking about. It involves augmented reality for delivering a real-life pokemon experience enabling players to capture their favourite Pokemon in with the use of the same technology used by Google Maps. Players will have to explore the world in order to capture Pokemon, evolve and then raise their levels so they will become stronger. This game...

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How a 18-year old escort showed me the meaning of innocent passion

On a boring weekend, I really didn’t have much to do. The work seemed boring, and even some of the household chores felt annoying. I always had seen this girl on the escort site and always wondered if she would be someone for a quick night out. I just wanted some company, and for that alone, she looked like a million bucks. Considering my options were very boring or limited, I call...

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My Passionate Rendezvous With Two Kinds Of Men In The World

When I started off as an escorts, I had to follow the rules, but there was one thing that realized pretty quick – You cannot fake emotions in this business. Till date, I don’t ever reveal the details of my clients, but the kind of men I meet usually are often of two categories. Some of the men are just great at conversations, and the others are great on the bed. As much as I ...

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My Weird Client Who Would not Talk

Passion can ignite a lot of flames, and if you are truly in the mood of exploring real sensuous times, you have to let go. Once I had a client, who refused to talk. It was kind of weird and unique at the same time, because he just said that his passion was to explore more than just my body. I really didn’t know what to seek or ask, as I couldn’t actually understand what he wa...

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How Much Do Escorts Cost?

London is a big city; in fact, it is the largest city in the UK. Thousands of businessmen and tourists are coming here everyday, adding to the number of residents and London has many things to offer to its citizens and visitors alike.  There are many possibilities in nearly all the fields, particularly in the employment sector.  More and more cinemas, restaurants and hotels are...

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Making the Most of Your Escorts Experience

Spending time with a beautiful female companion is the best way to get entertained, regardless of whether you are a resident or a visitor in a city. These companions are called escorts and you pay them in exchange for their time with you. Because you are spending for their companionship, you therefore would want to enjoy their services and get your money’s worth. Of course, you can have...

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